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March 30, 2023
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Innovative Uses for Reused and Recycled Plastic



Containers of recycled plastic

Taking Steps Toward a Circular Plastics Economy

As the world looks toward a more sustainable future, people from all walks of life must find ways to adapt and thrive. And, as a vital part of the world economy, the plastics industry and the sectors it serves must do their part. There’s more opportunity for recycled plastic to play a part in the circular plastics economy every day — even in the healthcare industry, where single-use plastics are often the norm.

At Houston Plastic Products, we’re committed to finding new ways to reduce waste and reuse, regenerate, or recycle our materials without compromising the quality of our products. It won’t be easy, but we’re ready for the challenge. In that spirit, we’re looking at innovative ways people use recycled plastic to make the world more sustainable.

Paving the Way With Recycled Plastic

Roads made from discarded plastic — like grocery bags, juice cartons, and printer ink cartridges — may be the wave of the future. Polymer-reinforced pavement has shown more resistance to everyday wear and tear, takes less time to reapply, uses less heat energy than standard asphalt paving, and could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with paving by 90%. 

Eco-friendly bricks made from plastic destined for landfills are also used to pave roads, but they could soon be a widespread viable alternative material for low-cost housing. Shredded plastic is mixed with sand, heated to produce a sludge, and molded into different-sized blocks. The result? Bricks that are two to seven times stronger and more durable than concrete, as much as 15% cheaper, and half the weight.

The Art of Plastic Waste Reduction

Artists are known for using unconventional materials, and recycled plastic is no exception. They're making statements with plastic, from large-scale museum installations to home decor. Whether they’re constructing massive works from discarded drinking straws (Von Wong’s Parting of the Sea), assembling plastic toys into dinosaur shapes (Hiroshi Fuji’s Jurassic Plastic), or making a mural out of a year’s worth of their personal plastic waste (Daniel Webb’s Everyday Plastic), creative people are putting less plastic into landfills.

Wear It, Don't Waste It

Bags made from upcycled PVC billboards, clothing stitched with post-consumer plastic thread, and shoes made from single-use plastic bottles? Yes! Clothing, shoe, and accessory makers know that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. We love seeing well-known brands and individual designers leaning into repurposed and recycled plastic — it not only contributes to the circular plastics economy but also reduces both waste and the fashion industry's carbon footprint. Truly a win-win.

At HPP, we admire innovation, especially when it comes to sustainability. We’re working toward zero-waste production and more robust material regeneration and recycling programs daily. Because it benefits both our customers and our planet, it’s the right thing to do. When you’re looking for a manufacturing partner that values your sustainability goals, rely on HPP. We’ll help you find your win-win plastics solution, from DFM to assembly. Get in touch today! 

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