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April 27, 2023
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Top Quality Plastic Processing Machinery Benefits Your Bottom Line



Plastic processing machinery control panel

Updated Tooling and Equipment Means More Efficient Plastics Production

Technology changes so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up. At HPP, we’re mindful of advancements in plastic processing machinery and take steps to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge. But when we invest in new tooling and equipment, it’s not just because newer = better. We do it because we’re serious about quality. From our ISO 9001 certification and rigorous manufacturing facility maintenance to our commitment to sustainable design and excellent customer service, we’re constantly working to improve quality, efficiency, and your bottom line. Our full suite of plastic processing machinery can help you get the job done better, faster, and with fewer quality notices.

Injection Molding with the Haitian Mars III 

One of our newest investments is the Haitian Mars III injection molding machine. This updated model streamlines the production process, helping us reduce lead times. It’s energy efficient, and it comes with a variety of upgrades that help us reduce cycle times and increase production accuracy, efficiency and repeatability. This versatile, all-purpose machine is fully optimized to help us deliver the top-quality plastic components you require.

Leveraging CNC Technology with the EDAF 3 (SINKER EDM)

HPP uses our extensive CNC (computer numerical control) technology to produce first-rate prototypes and components faster. The EDAF 3 Sinker EDM is just one of our go-to CNC machines. It uses an electrical discharge machining process perfect for complex part details that are difficult to machine by other methods. And, it’s a boon to your bottom line — faster cycle times and more uniform surface finishes that can eliminate the need for manual hand polishing mean lower production costs.

Our Full Suite of Rapid Prototyping and Plastics Processing Machinery

An extensive array of equipment for injection molding, rapid prototyping, and secondary operations allows us to deliver fully customized plastics solutions from design to assembly. Our skilled technicians know how to make the most of our top-of-the-line technology, ensuring that you get reliable results every time. In addition to our injection molding and EDM machines, we utilize the best systems for additive manufacturing, 3D design, precise measurement, and comprehensive finishing work.

  • Stratasys Dimension 3D Printers
  • SolidWorks CAD software
  • Keyence Image Dimension Measurement System
  • Optical Gaging Products SmartScope™ Flash
  • A wide range of specialized secondary operations tools

At HPP, we invest in new tooling and equipment because our partners invest in us — we owe it to our clients to ensure that they always receive top quality. So whether we’re introducing new plastics processing machinery to the shop floor or meticulously maintaining the reliable equipment we depend on, it’s with our partners in mind. Contact HPP today if you’re ready to build a partnership with a full-service plastics manufacturer. We’ll find the custom solution you need to meet your deadline and your bottom line.

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